They went super corporate for bs as in billions
and next step opened global markets. Used to be
corn fed wrestlers, mismatch gloves, and Silva.
But now…

When we were friends
I never ended our talks
with I like you. But now
that we are something new
we end every bye with love you
and even call each other
in the giggles of…

Ode to Mixed Martial Arts

Is it odd for a man in a wheelchair to obsess over ultimate fighting?
Probably, but probably just as odd as any tribal tattoo fan.
I’m a big believer in sublimating violence, because I went
to the cornfield high school, I’ve met wrestlers geared different…

You killed in self-defense. Defense in America
means the unquestioned gut call to canoe a head
with guns more tuned for death
than a German Mercedes designed by Musk,
in defense of Target.

You killed in self-defense. Self in America
means forever, like a movie, or a ghost —

No One Owns the Future

Enough baby boomers have become solipsists, thinking they’re immortal, that as they age and of course die, further heightening hyper-nihilist crusade — this culture war that perverts social justice into a America, non-America based on bird brain — we should take as our mantra: No…

Joseph Franklin

Poet; Quadriplegic; Rust Belt; Zen; Zazen; Pop Culture;

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